Promoting Healthy Outcomes, Enterprising Team Player

Here’s what some coworkers and employers say about me, these are their words, not mine.

I’m proven across two areas – healthcare customer service, and product development in IT teams. I thrive on new big ideas and I’m a dependably solid team player, cheerful, and forward-thinking.

In User-experience design and dev, I bring compelling and solution-focused ideas to your team:
• Approachable, problem-solving, willing and able to explain projects in lay-person’s terms.
• Excel in people skills, engaged, always 110% “in the game” and moving projects forward.
• Easy collaborator, delivers advanced expertise in Medical Informational Technology Design.

As a Certified Medical Assistant, I bring strong professionalism and compassion to the care team:
• Applied critical and analytical thinking coupled with people skills, agility, ability to shift priorities.
• Service to patients, team and organization missions; professional and with a personal touch.
• Reliably fulfilling defined role in team, there like clockwork, no drama, no hassles, no weirdness.

They also say I’m:
• Conscientious, reliable, thoughtful, proactive.
• Empathetic, helpful, versatile, agreeable, diligent.
• Creative, artistic, eager to learn, friendly, fun.

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