A Great Time: HIMSS Ignite Event Last Night



We had a great time at the HIMSS Ignite event last night that was held at the OHSU campus. It was inspiring and really wonderful to connect with new friends and old ones. The event celebrated some of the exciting HIT innovations that are brewing in the PDX area and Oregon-wide, and highlighted 16 HIT ventures in the fast-evolving world of HIT. Incidentally, this week is National Health IT week. Sweet!

There’s no way I can do justice to what I got out of each presenter (each presenter had 5 minutes and 20 slides that changed automatically, which made it entertaining to say the least), but here’s a bit about what I got out of it.

It’s inspiring to learn what these folks are up to, and exciting to see how it’s changing the face of healthcare. Cheers to all of last night’s presenters and to all who contribute to provide for better outcomes, better and less expensive delivery of quality of healthcare.

Emcee RAY CONSTANTITI (BrightMD) was great at bookending the evening presentations.
JEFFERY GOLD (Pulmonology OHSU) described their exciting EHR simulation lab (how very interesting!).
MARK STEEVES (WiserCare) talked about the engineering challenges of shared decision making.
MILES ELLENBY (OHSU) talked about his experience in Telemedicine, really nice to see some outcome numbers.
MOLLY LINDQUIST (Consano) talked about how she got her fundraising company off the ground, inspiring.
WILLIAM HERSH (OHSU) talked about the exciting new Informatics Discover Lab. I spoke to Deb from this lab and it’s all very thrilling (am I dweeb or what?).
MITCHELL LUSHENKO talked about HAL which is a HL7 universal converter, wow.
KATIE VAHLE (CoPatient) talked about how her company finds medical bill errors and saves the patient money. I need that!
VIOLET V gave a colorful description of how and why she took psychedelics during her chemotherapy for breast CA. Again, wow.
ART FLETCHER (Filius Bonacci) told about their advanced data mining and data intelligence tools.
MELISSA BOOKER (Cambia Health) used baseball’s Sparky Anderson as an example about health reform leadership. Moving!
DOUG COOKE (Tinder) talked about their research involving how the ACA is effecting individuals’ lives.
MOHAN NAIR (Cambia Health Solutions) gave a stirring memorial to health in the military.
TONY McCOMICK (Medical Information Integration) is an open-source champion whose all about the EHR. Powerful!
KEVIN RENNER gave a rousing talk re Health Cost Containment.
STEVE GEHLEN (HealthSparq) wanted to show how we can comparison shop for a cholecystectomy. Dude!
AL LEE wrapped things up with a reminder about how daily deep breathing will improve our quality of life, one breath at a time. Amen!

It was an inspiring and energizing evening and many thanks to sponsors ZoomCare and Comcast. Special thanks to the volunteers at HIMSS Oregon (Natasha, Darryl, Katie and Angie at TEKsystems, too), the Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) and OHSU.

Looking forward the next Ignite.

Who knows, maybe I’ll have the nerve to get up there and present!

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