ESHA Nutritional App Demo
This live demo demonstrates the functionality of a new design to deliver nutritional data to a user across multiple devices (mobile, tablets, etc). This demo uses canned data, and the user has several options to utilize with their custom meal plan. Future styling and behavior may use Jquery (i.e. accordion, slide). Done with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Json. Developed with Nathan Bubna at ESHA Research. 2010

Jenkon Samples
Since I can’t show you the live sites since due to it being proprietary software, I provide some captured screenshots. Delivered in .Net, the dashboard uses controls by Dundas, with the Reports generated by Microsoft Reporting Services. These screenshots represent three websites; a public distributor site, a distributor back office portal, and a corporate portal which allows global management of the distributors. Worked with the Jenkon, Inc. dev team in developing the suite of interfaces for their network marketing software. Done with HTML, CSS and Javascript. 2007 – 2009

Jenkon’s Corp Site
This corporate site was done in Flash. I lobbied against using Flash as their corp site platform, but they felt that they really needed to press the flashy-ness of the company’s new direction. So I took advatnage of Flash’s strengths by building it from an edited template with AS2, XML, and video. Branded working with Jennifer Bennett, then VP of Marketing at Jenkon, Inc. 2009

Mathemetics Illuminated Video Series Website
I worked closely with scientists, video producers and designers creating interactives that accompanied the original television series created at Oregon Public Broadcasting for PBS. I had a hand in all the interactives here and spent a lot of time on the Hypercube. Created with HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator. Developed with dev team at OPB, Sam Ward senior producer. 2006

Easy As 1-2-3, An IRV Tutorial
This educational site was initiated and paid for by FairVote to highlight and educate about the IRV process. It uses a real-world San Francisco, CA, election campaign used as an example about how an IRV election would accomplish a fairer election outcome. Done in Flash and Illustrator. Developed with Rob Ritchie at FairVote.org. 2002

Second Instant Runoff Voting Explanation
This award-winning educational site was initially created as a hobby, but wound up as a default tool used in the global education of instant runoff voting. Done in Flash and Illustrator. Developed with Mark Mason and Dr Patrick Phillips. 2002

Ankylosing Spondylitis, A Personal and Clinic Perspective
This award-winning educational site was initially created as a way to show people about various aspect of Ankylosing Spondylitis, but end up as a widely used resource that explained both clinically and personally about AS. Click on the top blue menu at the top of the page for animations. Created with HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator. 2002

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