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Since I can’t show you the live sites since due to it being proprietary software, I provide some captured screenshots here. Delivered in .Net, the dashboard uses controls by Dundas, and the Reports are generated with Microsoft Reporting Services. These screenshots represent three websites; a public distributor site, a distributor back office portal, and a corporate portal which allows global management of the distributors. Done with .Net, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Screens presented here represent fictional entities running from live data.

Employee Portal, Contact Information of Employee Barbara Keepster
Details of consultant’s contact information.

Employee Portal, Genealogy of Employee Barbara Keepster
Details of consultant’s genealogy.

Employee Portal, Barbara Keepster’s Earnings Processing
Reporting of consultant’s earning activity per specific timeframes.

Employee Portal, Report of Barbara Keepster’s Downline Activity
Reporting of consultant’s activity from their downline consultants.

Consultant Portal Homepage
Homepage of consultant’s back-end management.

Consultant Portal, Employee Dashboard
Volumes and other consultant activity reporting using Dundas controls.

Consultant’s Personal Website, Homepage
Homepage from where consultant’s can manage their website.

Consultant’s Personal Website, Party Homepage
Consultant party landing page.

Consultant’s Personal Website, Party E-vite
Consultant builds their party E-vites from here.

Consultant’s Personal Website, Genealogy of Consultant
Consultant is able to view their own genealogy.

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