Doc Builds DIY EMR


“The amazing thing is that we used it all of last week and my nurse didn’t quit.” So says Dr Rob Lamberts, MD.

A great article by a primary care physician who takes on the task of building his own EMR. This is no small task since the EMR is a pretty complicated piece of business as it’s the environment most contemporary clinicians work in every day. Reading the article (and some of Dr Lamberts’ previous postings) gives me an idea of the frustration he has with the systems he’s used before. I get that since there are headaches galore with the current state of things with the EMR.

Not that the coders, informaticians and clinicians aren’t doing a great job but try putting a mast on a tall rigger (a practice) in a hurricane (modern healthcare) and you get the picture. I hope that Dr Lamberts continues to hone his DIY EMR and share his progress with us. My hat’s off to him to giving it a go and for sharing it with us.

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