How’s Your EMR?


For the next several weeks, I’m going to explore the good, the bad and the ugly with the EMR. For those who aren’t familiar with the EMR, the Electronic Medical Record (or the EHR, the Electronic Health Record), it’s the environment the healthcare clinician spends their time in. It’s what the day-to-day treatment and other clinic activities are processed in. It’s the medical record for crying out loud.

It’s also used for research, ROI analysis, demographics, and lots of other healthcare, scientific and business reasons. The EMR is vital to contemporary healthcare practice.

There are healthcare providers who do well while not using an EMR, but people like these are going to be practicing less and less in the future as the EMR usage increases.

There are tons of issues surrounding the EMR and it’s use. It’s relevance is increasing in today’s healthcare. There are lots of opinions about the EMR. I’m exploring the EMR end-user interaction. So, how’s Your EMR?

I’m going to explore some of these in the upcoming weeks. I’m excited. Are you?

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