Social Media: You Don’t Have To Do It All


I’d like to take a short digression from the EMR topic.  I’m presenting on the topic of managing your online profile at JobGroup‘s meetup this evening.

A common thing I hear when I’m in discussions about being active with social media and how it applies to your brand is, “How much do I have to do?”

LinkedIn? Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Google+? Blogging? YouTube? All of the above?!

Truth is, you do only what you feel comfortable with.  There are tons of options out there to create a niche for yourself and it’s not hard to be swept up in thinking you have to be active on all fronts.  That you have to do it all.

But you don’t have to.  In fact you really can’t because if you spend all of your time trying to be everywhere you’ll burn out.

The fear of burn out is the sentiment I hear from people first getting into being active in social media.  Burn out is a risk if you don’t pace yourself and know what it is you’re trying to create with your online profile.

Perhaps the best way to approach this is to find one or two social media outlets, say, LinkedIn and Twitter, and focus on being active with just those two.  After some time, two weeks, two months, whatever feels right for you, think about branching out to another outlet, such as Google+.  You may decide to take on a new outlet or you may decide to just stay with what you have.

But don’t feel pressured that you need to be everywhere. This can be counterproductive as you feel the need to develop more and more content and over time it can be daunting.

There are also websites that share your postings across many outlets. and are a couple of current sites that share among multiple social media sites.

But the main point is to not feel burdened by a perceived need to be everywhere when you’re posting.  Stick to a few that you’re comfortable with and that serve your needs.  Branch out as you feel compelled and able to.

Delivering spot-on relevant content that speaks to people in one outlet is better than being lukewarm across many.

Doing it well and with joy serves your message and intention. And it allows you to stay active and feel good about it!

2 thoughts on “Social Media: You Don’t Have To Do It All

  1. April

    What are the highlights of each social media platform? What would you recommend I use to choose which platforms to focus on?

  2. Chris Gates Post author

    Great questions, April.
    Re What are the highlights of each social media platform? Gosh there are too many platforms to list here, and new ones are coming online all the time while others fade off the screen. But a few are illustrated below.

    Re What would you recommend I use to choose which platforms to focus on? It depends on your target message and audience. Most of my message has to do with healthcare, the use of technology and the EMR. I want to speak to people who are in this area, and I think about how to reach them. My first choice is LinkedIn since it reaches a large base of professionals, is good with its tools and reputation, and has professional groups where I can focus my message.

    This decision process can be used to choose what other platforms you could use. When you know your message and your audience, choosing the platform that works for you is based on the tools and reputation of a particular platform. For example, Facebook is good with a band highlighting its latest release. I wouldn’t use Facebook for my own professional platform, and a band wouldn’t use LinkedIn to promote it’s new release.

    Hope this helps!

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